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Why Should Children See a Pediatric Dentist Over a Regular Dentist?

Many parents make the assumption that there is no real difference between pediatric dentistry and the education of other dentists. They couldn’t be more wrong. An oral healthcare provider specifically trained to work with children offers you and your kids far more than even the most experienced professionals who only receive regular training. Experts in children’s dental health have received additional training and experience that gives them the knowledge they need to provide your children with the specific care and attention they need.

Specific Educational Training

Pediatric dentistry students receive approximately two to three years of additional training over other professionals in order to prepare them for dealing with the growth and development of teeth. This includes hands on training with teenagers, children, and infants as well as kids with physical

or mental challenges.

This prepares dentists with specific techniques and methods that they actually practice under the guidance of a certified professional including cavity prevention, sedation, growth, and oral development. This experience not only covers a child’s oral health, but also behavior management to ensure kids, regardless of their age, have a positive experience.

Techniques and Treatments

Children need different treatments and prevention methods than adults. It is these treatments that will set the groundwork to ensure children have healthy mouths when they grow up. Experts in pediatric dentistry, like Dr. Keown, will be able to offer support in the area of bad oral habits such as thumb sucking, the alignment of the teeth and jaws, advice for diet and nutritional needs, and identify conditions that may have passed from the mother to her child.