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Cinnamon & Spoon Shop
Unique & Original
Raspberry Ice Cream

What Make Us Unique?

At Cinnamon & Spoon, we love all types of food and strive to push the boundaries of traditional dessert by creating unique, sweet-meets-savory flavors you can't find anywhere else. We sit down for a meal and think, "Wouldn't that make a good ice cream sandwich combo?" (True story: pickled ginger radish and wasabi at a sushi dinner became an ice cream sandwich with ginger cookies and chocolate wasabi ice cream.) And now, it doesn't just stop at cookies and ice cream - our adventurous palates have led us to expand our line of gourmet goodies to include treats like fried chicken caramel (with hints of cayenne, sage and black pepper) and handmade candy bars (filled with white chocolate and fresh, locally-sourced mint leaves). Equally important as our dedication to innovation is our commitment to quality and sustainability. Every Cinnamon & Spoon treat is all-natural, handmade and organic whenever possible, made with sustainably produced, hormone-free dairy and fresh, local ingredients - we're all about satisfying your sweet tooth and mother nature.

Columbus, Oh

Our Community

Since our humble beginnings in 2002 in Columbus’ North Market, we’ve created ice creams that we fall madly in love with, that we want to bathe in, that make us see million-year-old stars. And we’ll devour it all out of Mason jars, coffee mugs, thrifted bowls—whatever we can get our hands on.We are artists, writers, photographers, growers and producers. Designers, doers, drinkers. Thinkers, dreamers, beekeepers, dancers, engineers, and cyclists. Real-deal whiz kids and big-brain mathletes, ace musicians and world-class experience gatherers. We’re the people with the talent, hustle, and guts who make up Cinnamon & Spoon. We blend, bake, mix, peel, chop, skin, pulverize, roast, toast, and blow torch the ingredients that become ice creams. We write, photograph, envision, tear, play, paint our way through the year on the Sammy’s Recipe Development and Art +Design teams. We deliver it, ship it, box it, pack it, scoop it, count it, track it, and keep the ship going forward at full speed. We cut no corners, we take no shortcuts.

Beer Ice Cream